Welcome to the Bowdoin College Net Price Calculator. Our goal is to familiarize our prospective families with our need-based financial aid program and policies and to provide you with an "assessment" of your estimated grants eligibility. By completing the Net Price Calculator, you and your family will receive information about our cost, your expected family contribution, your estimated grant, and your work eligibility. It is important to understand that the information provided from the calculator is for planning purposes only and does not constitute an application for financial aid nor guarantee the actual amount of aid you will receive. Please note that the costs provided are for the 2018-2019 academic year. More information about applying for financial aid is available on the Bowdoin Student Aid web site


For the most accurate results, we recommend that you refer to your recent parent and student tax returns, including W2 forms, as you work through the calculator. However, using estimated information may be helpful for planning purposes.

Depending on the complexity of a family's financial circumstances (e.g. divorce/separation/remarried, business holdings, fluctuating annual income), the reliability of the calculator will vary from family to family. In short, the Net Price Calculator works best for families with straightforward financial situations, while cases that are more complex will need to undergo a more thorough review. We invite you to contact us directly and a financial aid counselor will assist you with the information to provide a reliable estimate of your family's contribution toward college costs.

For all U.S. students admitted through the Early Decision and Regular Decision processes, Bowdoin College Admission is need-blind. To learn more about financial aid at Bowdoin, please refer to the Student Aid web site or feel free to email us.

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